Danzan Arts

Like Nothing Else.
The Danzan Arts are a unique blend of martial, healing and philosophical ideals masterfully melded to become a single course of study. This path was originated in Hawaii by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki.

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Danzan Ryu Martial Arts were born of traditional Samurai Jujutsu and infused with the spirit of kung-fu, Kali and Hawaiian Lua. They are a path to greater health and self-awareness as well as a potent form of self-defense.

Danzan Ryu Massage
Danzan Healing Arts are a traditional Asian healing system bolstered by the ancient Hawaiian arts of Ho'o ponopono and Lomilomi. In his day, Master Okazaki was regarded by dignitaries and leaders the world over as a phenomenal healer and powerful human spirit.

Today, the martial and healing arts known as Danzan Ryu (Hawaiian-Style) are bound by the culture that represented the life and teachings of Master Okazaki. This culture, represented in the Hawaiian terms “Aloha, Kokua and 'Ohana,” has at it’s core this basic precept: serve, protect and heal.

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